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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an LMS over a HCM Suite

August 13 2018 | (0) Comments

Are you confused about purchasing a standalone LMS (Learning Management System) to manage and deliver your employee training versus purchasing a HCM (Human Capital Management)...

Employee Engagement Solutions for Small Businesses

July 30 2018 | (0) Comments

The key to company growth relies on its workforce; therefore, attracting, engaging and retaining the best people are critical to the success of any company....

The Science Backing Video-based Training

July 05 2018 | (0) Comments

Video is hailed as one of the most popular mediums to deliver employee training. It’s not too difficult to understand why either. The science behind...

Franchises Reap Benefits by Using a Franchise LMS

May 02 2018 | (0) Comments

Training and support are the backbones to a successful franchise operation. The franchisor already knows how their systems work best; they’ve experimented and refined their...

Where Would We Be Without LMS Technology?

April 02 2018 | (0) Comments

Do you remember what corporate training was like prior to the introduction of LMS technology? Classroom training sessions that could last from one hour up...