Retail Training Solutions

You’re operating in an industry where competition has never been so fierce. The rise of eCommerce, mobile collaboration and enterprise social collaboration channels means consumers have more choices than ever before. If you’re a brick and mortar retailer then you have the opportunity to differentiate by offering an engaging store environment with a personalized customer experienceand your front line staff makes all the difference!

But how do you ensure that your staff delivers a customer experience in keeping with your brand values that maximizes your sales? Online training of course!

LMS Technology for Online Training

While training is fundamental to the success of any retail business, delivering it is fraught with difficulties – until now that it is! Harness your staff’s learning potential with the power of our learning management system. Our retail LMS provides you with a centralized online training platform that enables you to successfully manage all of your employee training initiatives:

There’s no trainer required. Simply put your courses online and your staff can access them from anywhere at any time. When your products change you can quickly add new online training materials so that your staff has all of the latest product knowledge required to support your retail sales.

ePath Learning  provides retail online training solutions that give your business an easy way to manage and deliver training programs that improves your staff’s performance so that you can easily differentiate your business from the rest!

Here’s What Retail Business Clients Are Saying…

In our society, the “human” side of technology is so often forgotten or disregarded, but your level of service is outstanding.

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