Franchise Industry LMS - The Ultimate Online Training Solution

Franchises come in all types and sizes, but no matter what franchise business you’re in, one thing remains clear, driving brand quality and service consistency across your business model are the keys to success.

You invest a lot of time and money to market and sell the quality and consistency of your brand, but do all of your franchises live up to your branding expectations? Do your customers enjoy a consistent brand experience no matter where they are, be it Chicago or Kalamazoo?

Building Consistent Customer Experiences through Franchise LMS Training

How do you standardize the customer experience? Procedures and guidelines may be helpful, but consistent training programs distributed across all of your franchise locations will help you meet this critical objective. How do you do this? Using LMS technology of course!

An LMS for Franchisors and Franchisees

Our Learning Management System (LMS)  provides you with an online, centralized eLearning platform, enabling you to easily manage your franchise training programs:

If the benefit of delivering brand quality and service consistency isn’t compelling enough for you, using an LMS platform to deliver comprehensive training also helps to:

ePath Learning¬†provides franchises with an LMS solution that gives your business an easy way to manage and deliver training that improves both franchisor and franchisee business performance – meeting today’s training challenges head on!

Here’s what Franchises Are Saying

Since 2006 we’ve produced more than 260 courses, trained more than 240 instructors, and we currently have 38, 000 enrolled in what we call our U-Haul University, and at every step of the way ePath Learning has been there to help us after the sale, and that’s huge! After sales support is just as important as anything else, and ePath’s Client Services and Technical Support teams have been invaluable to us.

Tom Prefling, Director of Communications, U-Haul