Financial and Insurance Industry Training Solutions

Keeping Up With the Pace of Change (via an LMS of course!)

The financial services and insurance industries are constantly changing – this means that your organization spends a heck of a lot of time trying to keep up and keep your staff up to date on changing product lines, portfolios, risk management and even regulatory changes.

If that’s not enough, as the number of your experienced employees start to retire, you are under constant pressure to find and develop new talent as quickly as possible.

You strive to optimize performance and operations at all levels while fostering innovation in order to stay ahead of your competition. Well, we’ve got good news for youtechnology is the driving force behind true business innovation and learning, mobile, and social technologies can help your organization to stay ahead of the game!

The LMS Technology Advantage

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides you with an online, centralized learning platform, enabling you to easily manage employee training programs. You can keep your staff informed and up-to-date on the many changing facets within your industry.

Collaborative Technology for “GenY”

We had a real-time compliance training need but we also wanted a solution with the flexibility to meet our strategic goals for training development, deployment and system integration across the enterprise. ePath Learning provided that flexibility.

Financial Services Client

Your company can leverage the technology that appeals to your next generation of workers while making their jobs more attractive and enticing. Harness the power of enterprise social network technology and your organization can: