Employee Training Solutions

Employee training programs within a traditional business model are designed to help employees learn the knowledge and skills they need to improve performance in their current role and to further develop them for future growth opportunities within your organization.

Employee Training LMS Considerations

Typically, employee training is delivered through a blended learning approach that includes a mix of live instruction, online learning, webinars, etc. Therefore, employee training software, like an LMS platform, that can effectively deliver and track a mix of learning modalities would be ideal. This is just one small consideration when choosing the right LMS platform for employee training.

Are you a large organization utilizing many different computer systems and applications? If so, Single Sign-On (SSO) may be a key LMS platform selection requirement so that your employees can seamlessly access your LMS without entering tedious login details.  Are you measuring learner aptitude? Then you’ll want to identify an LMS platform with testing and assessment capabilities. Are you using an authoring tool to develop training content or is content authoring a requirement of the LMS?

Are you looking to move from your current LMS platform to a new LMS platform for employee training? Then you’ll want to find an LMS vendor that provides easy access to a top-notch support team to help your team migrate the critical training data you’ve already amassed.

How Can ePath Learning Help You?

Our top priority is our clients’ success. We understand how difficult it is to choose an LMS platform that best suits your needs. There are a plethora of features and functionality to consider. Throughout the years we’ve assembled a team of LMS industry veterans that can provide you with the solid guidance and expertise to ensure that you make the best choice. Our technical specialists are readily available, so feel free to contact us today.