Find the Right LMS Software Solution for Your Organization

Are you looking for a Learning Management System (LMS)? Well, you’ve come to the right place. ePath Learning has been delivering corporate learning management solutions since 1999, so we probably have what you’re looking for, and much, much, more. ePath Learning proudly offers two LMS software solutions; ePath Learning nGage and ePath Learning ASAP. If you’re wondering which LMS would be best for your organization, we’ll help you narrow it down.

ePath Learning nGage™

ePath Learning nGage™ is a learning management software system that’s 21 CFR Part 11 validated for life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. nGage designed to be an integral part of the quality system for regulated organizations. nGage’s streamlined feature set is ideal for easily tracking, documenting, and managing training assignments. Coupled with a clean and intuitive mobile accessible user interface, nGage simplifies your overall compliance training experience. A non-validated option is also available for those organizations seeking a simplified user experience, and that don’t require a validated feature set.

ePath Learning ASAP

ePath Learning ASAP is our flagship LMS. ASAP is a feature-rich learning management software system with multi-tenant scalability, robust reporting features, and an inherent authoring tool that enables organizations to quickly develop elearning content in-house. With more than 18 years in service, ASAP has evolved into an LMS powerhouse that supports many clients in many industries in their pursuit of training excellence.

Still Not Sure Which LMS Software Would Be Best For You?

If you’re still not sure which LMS software would be best for your company; then consider this: what types of training are you conducting? Employee training, compliance training, and extended enterprise training all come with their own unique set of challenges and the LMS software you choose must rise to meet these challenges head-on. Our technical specialists would be happy to guide you in choosing the right LMS software solution, so feel free to contact us today.