Compliance Training Solutions

Compliance training programs are mandatory training activities. Depending upon your industry, failure to comply with certain rules and regulations that concern your company can lead to severe penalties and can easily damage your brand reputation. Therefore, you need to ensure that your employees receive the appropriate compliance training for their role in the organization and at regularly specified intervals. Today many companies are taking an integrated approach to quality and compliance management and are adopting technology to automate key business processes.

Compliance Training LMS Considerations

When it’s time to manage compliance training, an LMS platform is the technology solution of choice. Not only will an LMS platform automate the training process to make it more efficient, but it also helps in reducing your overall cost of compliance. However, not all compliance training LMSs are created equal. If you’re in an industry that’s regulated by the FDA, and that follows good manufacturing practices, or GMPs, such as Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies, then you’ll want to implement a validated LMS that meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Why a Validated LMS?

Simply stated, a validated LMS reduces the administrative burden typically associated with a company’s own internal software validation process. Why do extra work when a validated LMS vendor has already done it for you? The appropriate documentation can easily be supplied to support your internal audit procedure requirements. That’s not all, a validated LMS feature set should support the requirements defined by the FDA including electronic signatures, versioning, data security, and a fully documented SDLC. Furthermore, when dealing with hundreds of documents including SOPs and training materials and reports, streamlining document management is critical for compliance. A validated LMS enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to managing and controlling critical compliance training documents, company-wide, from a central location.

There are other advantages to using a validated LMS for compliance training, such as, running real-time audit reports, scheduling email reminders for course completion; tracking blended learning, assigning role-specific user access and curriculum, and even customizable certificates of completion. If you’d like to learn more about our validated LMS solution, contact us today.