eSource Social Collaboration Platform

Empowering Organizations through Social Collaboration

ePath Learning eSource delivers real-time social and mobile collaborative learning for the enterprise. Collaboration technology is rapidly becoming the driving force behind greater productivity, efficiency, and innovation, all of which contribute to optimizing performance. eSource social collaboration technology empowers organizations to optimize performance through its own collective intelligence. Collaborative learning fosters social learning that inspires employees to share best practices, seek out subject matter experts and work together to get the job done.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Private and secure social collaboration can drive performance and business results. Our award-winning eSource collaboration technology breaks down traditional business barriers and brings together people, processes, and expertise.

The benefits of collaborative learning are many, including:

eSource social collaboration technology is integrated into our ASAP learning management system or as a stand-alone cloud service. This powerful combination allows you to maximize your organization’s formal learning and informal learning potential! Our eSource mobile app lets you stay connected on the go. Would you like to learn more? Let’s talk.