LMS Reporting Features

Insightful LMS reports are critical components of any Learning Management System. The valuable data LMS reports provide gives you the power to continually improve your online training strategy and personalize online training initiatives. LMS reports also give your organization the data it needs to make smarter, better, and faster decisions. From learner progress and completion rates to time logs and satisfaction rates, you’ll have the LMS metrics you need to fine-tune your online learning.

Real-time Learner Data

Learning administrators need the ability to provide comprehensive reports on their corporate learning activities. With 24 standard management reports in addition to customized LMS reporting capabilities, ASAP’s robust reporting engine gives you the ability to drill down through a hierarchy of learner information to provide insightful and meaningful real-time data that supports your training initiatives.

Measuring Learner Comprehension and Outcomes

Learning comprehension and positive outcomes are at the center of your learning and development initiatives. You can validate that your initiatives are meeting your business objectives through ASAP’s extensive LMS reporting capabilities. You can easily run reports on individuals or groups to identify test and assessment scores, or drill down to see individual test question answers. Match those learning outcomes to performance improvement objectives and you’ve got quantifiable and measurable results.

Customizable Reporting Templates

All of ASAP’s management reports can be viewed in multiple formats and can be auto-generated, scheduled and delivered right to your email inbox. Our LMS reports are easy to configure, so you can pick and choose the data that you want in your LMS reports. You’ll get completely clean and uncluttered reports filled with information that’s relevant to your needs.

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