Customizable Learner-Centric LMS Environment

From colors and logos, down to the language settings for global workforces, your LMS portal is customizable as an extension of your corporate brand. Your learning environment is configured in a hierarchy that reflects the same structure as your organization, for instance, you can create divisions, departments, teams, job types, etc. This continuity streamlines your LMS implementation and lends itself to rapid scalabilityand we’re here to guide your set-up every step of the way!

Creating the Learner-Centric Experience

Once you’ve set your LMS hierarchy, you can easily establish learning requirements and learning paths, curriculums, specific eLearning course content and reference materials based on individual learner or learner group needs. You have the control to create a completely focused “learner-centric” experience!

If in Doubt, “Call Connie”

When you partner with ePath Learning, you have immediate access to our “Call Connie” service program backed by our exceptional team of client service specialists  whose primary goal it is to make your training initiatives a success. So if ever you have questions about your LMS or your learning environment, just “Call Connie!”