Looking for additional information regarding online learning and ePath Learning’s online training platform solutions? Feel free to download some of our more commonly requested datasheets and support materials.

Why Use an LMS for Online Learning?

Healthcare Training Solutions

Are you a healthcare organization looking to train and develop your employees, meet compliance requirements with regulatory bodies, and enhance the overall quality of patient safety and care? ePath Learning is the ideal partner for those healthcare organizations seeking comprehensive online training and development solutions.

Training Technology Solutions for Regulated Industries

Organizations in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotech have stringent training and compliance requirements. Technology makes it easier than ever before for you to automate and manage your online training and compliance initiatives.

Manage Your Certification Programs

LMS technology simplifies the management of your certification programs to external audiences or the extended enterprise. It’s now easier than ever before to reach multiple audiences through the same LMS platform, to give them a customized and engaging certification experience!

Calculate the ROI of an LMS

By incorporating an LMS into your employee training, customer, and extended enterprise training programs you can realize measurable training ROI and immediate cost savings.

ePath Learning’s LMS Platforms

ePath Learning ASAP is our flagship LMS platform and introduced in 2018, ePath Learning nGage is our validated LMS developed for regulated industries.

ePath Learning nGage Validated LMS

ePath Learning nGage is a validated LMS designed and developed to be an integral part of quality systems for regulated environments. Given nGage’s broad appeal, a non-validated version of the platform is also available.

ePath Learning nGage 21 CFR Part 11 Technical Overview

ePath Learning supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 technical compliance requirements for organizations in FDA regulated industries.

Managed Learning Services

If your department lacks the time and resources for learning administration then managed services is for you. In fact, in many cases, outside support can save you money. With ePath Learning’s Managed Learning Services you can focus on your core learning and development activities while we focus on managing your LMS!

ASAP LMS Reporting Overview Datasheet

ASAP contains 24 standard reports with multiple filtering options to generate user-customized reports.

ASAP Integration Overview

The purpose of this document is to provide a short overview of the overall capabilities enabled by the server API (Application Programming Interfaces)

21 CFR Part 11 ASAP Datasheet

ePath Learning supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 technical compliance requirements for organizations in FDA regulated industries.

Pro Services

Our Pro Services team provides custom eLearning course development services that can enhance the learning experience for your organization.

Professional Associations Custom eLearning Solutions

Pro Services addresses the needs of professional association learning and development.

Energy Industry Custom eLearning Solutions

An overview of how Pro Services is addressing the educational needs of the energy sector.

ADDIE Model Infographic

The ADDIE Model is divided into functional phase with continuous evaluation and review from both ePath Learning and Client.

Pharmaceutical Custom eLearning Solutions

eLearning plays a critical role in the eLearning industry – it offers a cost-effective way to streamline clinical and commercial processes.

Pro Services Pricing Guidelines

Every eLearning course is unique, so what factors determine the cost of development?