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Why Become an ePath Learning Channel Partner?

November 20 2019 | (0) Comments


Anyone that follows the Learning Tech Blog knows that our posts are typically informative and focused on interesting topics in learning and development. This blog post, however, is a little different. The goal of this blog post is to inform you all about an exciting opportunity for those companies serving the life sciences industry. It’s about the benefits of channel partnering to grow your business.

Smart collaboration is good business, and that’s why ePath Learning works with leading companies around the world that are focused on solving the business needs for life sciences organizations. ePath Learning nGage™ is one of only a very few validated learning management systems available today. Backed by a team of industry experts, ePath Learning offers channel partners the opportunity to expand beyond their current business limitations to offer a comprehensive and strategically differentiated solution.

What types of businesses will benefit from being a channel partner?

Are you a content provider or a training consultant lacking an LMS to host your courses or training materials? Maybe you’re a single technology provider and you’re tired of losing opportunities to software suites that have multiple bundled technologies. Maybe you’re simply looking to diversify your technology portfolio to offer additional solutions to your clients or prospects. Maybe you’re none of these but you’d like to earn a commission just for providing referrals. If any of these scenarios resonate with you then chances are you will benefit by becoming one of ePath Learning’s channel partners.

Why become a channel partner?

There are many great benefits to being a channel partner, but here are the two best reasons of them all:

  1. You can drive revenues and increase profits with zero additional costs.
  2. You can easily expand your market reach with a diversified product and service portfolio.

Choose the Partnership that Will Help You Meet Your Sales Goals

Becoming a channel partner is a strategic investment for your business. To ensure an ideal fit with your overall sales goals, we’ve developed several partnership opportunities for you to choose from, including:

  • Lead Referral – Earn commission by referring your clients and prospects direct to ePath Learning.
  • Sales Agent – Your organization represents ePath Learning in the market and you earn commission on revenues.
  • Value Added Reseller – Resell ePath’s products and services to your clients and prospects to enhance your product offerings.
  • Technology Partner – Integrate your technology with our solutions using our proprietary API.
  • Content Partner – Use ePath’s LMS technology to sell your content, or let ePath Learning resell your courses.

ePath’s channel partner program is dedicated to your success. Our primary objective is to develop partnerships that enable you to expand your product portfolio or services to win new business with life sciences companies. Our program includes a robust onboarding program, sales, marketing, and technical support. Best of all, you’ll collaborate with a like-minded partner to achieve mutually shared goals.

Would you like to learn more about becoming a channel partner? Contact us today!

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

Picture of industry crusader Susan DistasioAbout the Author:  Susan Distasio is an eLearning Industry Crusader focused on advocating for advancement and change in the eLearning and professional development industry.  As an avid seeker of knowledge and continuous improvement, Susan is happy to share her research, observations, and thoughts regarding “all things related to learning and development.”  When she’s not out on the learning crusade, Susan can be found with the wind in her hair riding her Harley or simply enjoying life with her husband, Steve, and her Siamese cat, Elvis, and with family and friends.