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Top Secrets to Engaging Your Hourly Employees

February 09 2017 | (1) Comment

If you’re not up to date on the most recent hourly employee statistics, then prepare to be astounded (see infographic below). For instance, greater than 50% of jobs in the U.S. are hourly positions and 80% of hires made in the U.S. each year are for hourly jobs. Historically, the number one concern when managing hourly employees is high employee turnover rates, followed closely by maximizing our hourly employees’ performance. Quite often, our hourly employees are our brand ambassadors acting as the face of our companies, as they provide valuable services to our customers. Given all this, understanding how to engage these hourly employees is important.

According to research conducted by The Wilson Group, hourly employees have different values than salaried employees. While hourly employees want to be heard and want to contribute to organizations, they also value their work life balance and appreciate the freedom of choice. How then do we effectively engage this work group?

Hourly Employee Engagement Tips

  1. Ensure your hourly employees receive initial and ongoing training. When you take the time to train your hourly employees they understand that you’re investing in them, and their future in your business. The more knowledgeable your hourly employees are the more confident and willing they will be to assume added responsibilities.
  1. Refrain from dictating your hourly employees’ work schedule. Instead, work with your hourly employees to develop a schedule that fits their needs.
  1. Include hourly employees in your business’ goals and objectives so that they understand your mission feel that they’re part of the bigger picture.
  1. Create certification programs based on training and accomplishments. A skills mastery approach encourages higher performance and motivates hourly employees while developing their abilities and confidence.

When employees are engaged, their job satisfaction levels increase and they’re genuinely invested in the success of your business. Along with job satisfaction, engagement leads to higher employee performance, better retention rates and ultimately higher profitability.   Of course, committing to improving hourly employee engagement is the first stepare you ready?

ePath Learning hourly employee statistics infographic


Download our Hourly Employee Statistics infographic.

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