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Top Benefits of a Healthcare LMS

September 10 2018 | (0) Comments

Healthcare LMS

As healthcare provider shortages continue to grow on a national scale, hospital and health system training and development programs are increasingly important. Not only do these programs help to retain current employees, but improving employees’ skills has a positive impact on the overall quality of our health system. However; given the volume of employees and the wide variety of roles they assume, managing training and development in hospitals and health systems is no easy task. A healthcare LMS makes the process much easier.

A healthcare learning management system enables hospitals and health systems to automate and standardize training across their organization. The LMS provides the foundation by which healthcare facilities can organize learners and groups, training courses and materials, track learning progress and improve the overall learning experience – all while reducing administrative costs.

Looking for more insight? Listed below are some of the top benefits of using a healthcare LMS to manage training.

  1. Delivering a portion of training online is convenient for employees. Courses can be completed from any location and at different times within an employee’s shift. Besides this, not all employees learn at the same pace, using a healthcare learning management system, employees can access online courses and learn at a pace that best suits their needs.
  2. A LMS for healthcare automates the process of keeping track of employee progress, including CME credits, certifications, course completions, and personal training goals. Reports are easily generated that provide real-time insight into training initiatives. LMS administrators can track which employees completed training and send reminder notifications for those that have not. This is extremely important for mandatory training around compliance and privacy.
  3. It’s important to know if employees are gaining the knowledge and skills required to successfully meet learning objectives. Hospitals and health systems can use a healthcare LMS to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs using tests, quizzes, surveys, and assessments.
  4. The healthcare industry is constantly changing. Standards of care are continually improving as are techniques for improving patient outcomes. Having the ability to easily update training materials via an LMS for healthcare and push the new content out quickly and effectively reduces risk and helps to promote overall consistency of care.

In today’s rapidly changing medical industry, a learning management system for healthcare is the technology of choice for those hospitals and health systems looking to deliver consistent training experiences that support efficiency and quality in patient care.

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

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