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Online Training, a Great Solution for Franchises!

March 28 2017 | (1) Comment

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Franchisors know that to maintain and enhance their brand’s value they need to provide ample operational training to their franchisees. Most franchisors offer new franchisees training at their corporate headquarters that could last several days up to several weeks. In return, franchisees spend much of their time in their own locations supporting their managers and team members to ensure that goals are met and operations are running smoothly.

To that end, many franchisors go to great lengths to ensure that their franchise locations are operating according to brand specific guidelines. Regional managers or field support teams are commonplace in the industry with their primary focus ensuring that the franchises in their region are running efficiently. Often, their role involves relaying information down from the corporate level, measuring performance and implementing additional onsite training for franchise workers. This training, albeit necessary, is time-consuming, corporate messages can be miscommunicated, and the training can be easily forgotten without assessment reinforcement and reinforcement. These are challenging and costly scenarios that can prove to be inefficient.

The good newsthere’s a better way. Franchisors can reduce field training time, improve the consistency of their messaging and reduce operational costs by implementing an online training program.

Nobody knows a franchise’s business better than the corporate office. It makes sense then that the corporate office would drive training programs throughout the entire franchise system. Online training affords franchisors the ability to control the content, messaging, and best practices shared with all franchise locations, and every franchisee employee. Online training offers great consistency and efficiency.

Why leave all of the training to your franchisee and their managers when you can provide your unique brand expertise to support them and add value that extends the life of your brand?

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

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