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Are you Measuring the Effectiveness of your Training Program?

January 20 2014 | (0) Comments

How do you measure the effectiveness of your training program?   It’s all about the results isn’t it?   Well it should be!   In fact, your training initiatives should be aligned with the results that your organization wants to achieve.   Developing your training programs based on your organization’s goals and objectives, and measuring the effectiveness of your programs justifies your training budget and helps to support, develop, and refine your future training and development efforts.

Planning is Paramount to Measure Training Effectiveness

To begin measuring the effectiveness of your training program you should start at the end.   Start with the results your organization wants to achieve and move forward from there (or backwards depending on how you look at it!).   Let’s say for example that one of your organization’s goals or expected results is to increase sales revenue in a particular territory by XX%.   Knowing this, you should proactively partner with executive members of your sales team and product management team to identify where skill or knowledge gaps may exist in your sales force. Armed with this knowledge you can develop training initiatives to improve those deficits and ultimately, your sales force’s performance.   During your program planning you should identify learning objectives, what training outcomes you’ll measure and why, how often they will be measured, and how you plan to report on them.   The results from these measurements will determine the effectiveness of your initiatives.   Remember your desired outcomes should be specific and quantifiable.

A Teamwork Attitude Prevails

The partnership that you’ve developed can really help contribute to your success.   Ultimately you are all seeking the same thing, to meet your organization’s goals and to drive your organization’s performance; however, we all know that it’s extremely difficult to isolate what exact percentage of performance improvement was due to training as opposed to other internal or external factors.   Is it not then better to function as a collaborative team?   Having your partners acknowledge that your training initiatives were part of your organization’s overall success is recognition worth having and well deserved!  So what are you waiting for. Start measuring the effectiveness of your training program today.

Susan Distasio | Marketing Manager | ePath Learning, Inc.