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Measuring Business Impact: Step 2 – Define Business Impact Indicators

March 26 2018 | (0) Comments

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In a recent blog post titled: Are You Measuring the Business Impact of Your Employee Training Programs?  we identified a 4 step process for demonstrating the value of your employee training programs through measuring business impact. Defining the problem and your employee training solution is the first step in measuring business impact. The second step in this process is to define your business impact indicators. The goal of this step is to identify what achievements you’d like to see that would successfully address the problem you identified in Step 1. Depending on the size of your training initiative, are you looking for impact across your organization, a region, or a department? What employee behavioral changes do you expect from your training and how can you determine if these changes have taken place? What type of data can you collect to measure impact?

Looking for some ideas? Here are some examples of common business indicators.

Quality & Compliance
Product Recalls
Product Defects
Safety Violations
Customer Complaints

Certifications Earned
Sales per Rep
Ability to Adopt New Process
Order Processing Times
Overtime Costs

Human Resources
Employee Retention Rates
Onboarding Time Frame
Recruitment Costs

When developing your indicators it is important to consider the following:  whether or not the training will truly impact the indicator; what outside factors may influence your outcomes, and lastly, whether or not you’ll generate enough outcome data in your project timeframe to satisfy your key stakeholders. Remember, your ultimate goal is to assess the business impact of your training initiatives so you’ll want to make sure your indicators are appropriately aligned. Our next blog post will focus on Step 3 – gathering, recording and analyzing your data.

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