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Maximizing Your Millennial Workforce’s Potential!

May 17 2016 | (1) Comment

Experience_ASAPAccording to 2015 Department of Labor statistics, Millennials now make up 35% of the U.S. workforce, and are predicted to be close to 50% of the worldwide workforce in 10 years.  As the number of Millennials in the workforce continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand how we can maximize our Millennial workforce’s potential.

Millennials are driven by meaning and success in their personal and professional lives.   In fact, according to ypulse, 76% of Millennials would rather have a career they are passionate about but doesn’t earn a lot of money than have a high earning career that they are not passionate about.   What does this mean for you, the employer?   It means that if you have Millennial employees and you want to develop them, you need to engage and inspire them.   Training, development, communication and of course, recognition, are keys to maximizing Millennials potential and success.

Training and Development

Millennials learn best in a dynamic and interactive environment.   Through their adoption of digital technologies, Millennials are accustomed to having 24/7 access to knowledge and information. This means that you need to fortify your Millennials with access to online training opportunities and content libraries that peak their interest and that allow them to develop at their own naturally curious rate. By providing Millennials with ample opportunities to learn and develop online, you’re inspiring them through enablement. Therefore, if you haven’t transitioned your training online yet, you might want to consider developing a business case for investing in an LMS.


Millennial communication styles and work habits are quite different than other generations; therefore face-to-face meetings and conference calls are not as effective.   The best way to reach this younger generation is where they spend the majority of their time, on their mobile devices. Communicating through an online team collaboration portal that’s accessible through a mobile app at any time day or night is a great example of a communication tool that Millennials can relate to.   Although, mobile technology may be the best medium to communicate with this generation, it’s equally important to plan team get-togethers and events so that Millennial employees feel a sense of community that further supports their commitment to the job.


According to the report, Happy Millennials, An Employee Rewards and Recognition study, for millennials, recognition is especially important.   Millennials expect and respond to personal attention. In fact, 64% percent of Millennials would prefer to be recognized for a personal accomplishment, as opposed to a team accomplishment. They also prefer recognition directly from a manager or via a company-wide announcement, versus peer-to-peer.   If you’re looking for your Millennial staff to excel, recognize them freely and often.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to attract, keep and maximize the potential of this new generation of workers, remember that training, development, communication and of course, recognition are necessary for engaging and inspiring them to succeed.

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

SuzieD-4About the Author:  Susan Distasio is an eLearning Industry Crusader focused on advocating for advancement and change in the eLearning and professional development industry.  An avid seeker of knowledge and continuous improvement, Susan is happy to share her research, observations and thoughts regarding “all things related to learning and development.”  When she’s not out on the learning crusade, Susan can be found with the wind in her hair riding her Harley or simply enjoying life with her husband, Steve, and her Siamese cat, Elvis, and with family and friends.