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Manage Your Instructor-led Training Classes with an LMS

March 25 2015 | (0) Comments

Instructor-led Training Classes

According to ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry Report, instructor-led training (ILT) continues to be the most popular training method, accounting for more than half of all training that is available or 68.87% respectively.   If your organization’s training is still dominated by instructor-led training classes, perhaps it’s time you considered managing this process using a learning management system?

Reduce Administrative Expenses

Using an LMS to manage your ILT initiatives can effectively reduce your administrative expenses while streamlining many aspects of your current process; such as class scheduling, developing waiting lists and sending out class notifications to tracking class registrations.   An LMS will also provide you with a complete electronic history of your learners’ class activities including attendance, completions, CEUs, and test or assessment scores, to name a few.   Managers can have access to reporting so they can have the information they need about their staff training records right at their fingertips.   All of these functions are easily automated within the LMS so there’s no need to perform these functions manually – that provides you with incredible savings in time and you know what they say time is money!

Flexible Options

Do you want to register your learners for classes or would you like them to self-register for their classes?   Would you like your instructor to electronically input attendance rather than handing off an attendance sheet to your training department?   After the class is finished, would you like your instructors to officially complete your learners’ classroom activities or would you prefer your learners to log-in to your LMS and take a test or assessment to complete their own activity?   Maybe you have support materials that you’d like your learners to download before or after their class – the great news is that you have the flexibility to decide.  You can decide how much of the process you own, or how much you’d like to empower your instructors and learners with!

Looking to Monetize Your Instructor-led Training Classes?

Are you in an industry where you can sell your instructor-led training classes?   If so, you can easily integrate your LMS with an e-commerce engine to sell classroom seats online.   Learners can self-register and pay for classes online and their receipt can include classroom specific information such as directions, weather advisory statements or cancellation policies, etc.

Using an LMS to manage you instructor-led training classes definitely has its perks including flexibility, reduced expenses, and perhaps even generating revenue.   So what do you think?   Maybe it’s time to take advantage of what learning management technology has to offer to help you manage your instructor-led training classes?   Here’s something to think about:   step one – manage your ILT with an LMS, step two – transition your ILT to eLearningit’s just a thought!

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

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