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Is it Time for You to Transition to Online Learning?

January 22 2015 | (0) Comments

Online Learning

Organizations use many different methods to deliver training including online learning, instructor-led training, print, mobile, and even via compact discs to name but a few options.   According to ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry Report, instructor-led training continues to be the most popular training method, accounting for more than half of all training that is available or 68.87% respectively.   Organization size of course does have some influence on the type of training offered. Large organizations tend to offer more online learning opportunities than small and midsize organizations.   Why is this?

Online Learning Assumptions

Why do small and mid-size organizations continue down the path of solely offering instructor-led training?   Is it the cost in technology that deters these organizations?   Or is it perhaps a lack of resources in their training department infrastructure? Maybe there is no training department whatsoever?   Is it that online learning is a nice to have rather than a need to have?

It’s All About Outcomes Right? Well It Should Be!

We offer training for our employees to transfer knowledge that elicits change.   Since producing change is our desired outcome, wouldn’t we want to use the training mediums that accomplish change most effectively and efficiently?   We would also want to offer training through mediums that our workforce is receptive and accustomed tocorrect? Additionally, if we know that for learning to stick it needs to be an ongoing and repetitive process, then perhaps small and mid-sized businesses should consider a blended learning approach; that being, instructor-led training blended with online learning as well as any other methods that may be considered impactful.   There are many benefits to adopting a blended learning strategy that should be considered, including increased employee knowledge retention, collaboration and training delivery efficiencies; however, none is as important as achieving our desired training outcomes.

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.  

SusanAbout the Author:  Susan Distasio is an eLearning Industry Crusader focused on advocating for advancement and change in the eLearning and professional development industry.  An avid seeker of knowledge and continuous improvement, Susan is happy to share her research, observations and thoughts regarding “all things related to learning and development.”  When she’s not out on the learning crusade, Susan can be found with the wind in her hair riding her Harley or simply enjoying life with her husband and her Siamese cat named Elvis, as well as with family and friends.