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Franchises Reap Benefits by Using a Franchise LMS

May 02 2018 | (0) Comments

Character teaching a class about franchise LMS Training and support are the backbones to a successful franchise operation. The franchisor already knows how their systems work best; they’ve experimented and refined their business model along the way. It’s up to the franchisor to pass this knowledge along to their franchisees in order for the brand, and the people supporting it, to be successful. With so much at stake, and in this digital age, the days of providing only in-person training and support are over. Successful franchisors know that they have to turn to technology to effectively support their brand, and one of the more popular ways to do this is to implement a franchise LMS. Franchisors can use a franchise Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver blended learning, a mix of in-person and online training.

The Traditional Approach to Franchisee Training

Soon after a new franchisee has participated in their introductory training at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters, franchisors have traditionally provided additional support via in-person site support visits. Site visits are typically scheduled quarterly and can last from one to several days. These site visits provide insight into how the franchisees business is being run and whether or not the franchisee is adhering to brand standards. Alternatively, these visits also provide an opportunity to bring franchisees up to speed and train them on new products, changes within the system, marketing updates, sales promotions, etc.

Yes, there are many great benefits to having site visits. It’s always great to receive hands-on training and in-person advice. However, what happens after the site visit? Unfortunately, it’s quite easy for most of us to forget most of what we’ve learned. This phenomenon is better known as “the forgetting curve.” Also, what about the staff? It’s close to impossible to train all franchisee employees during a site visit, so what happens to those employees that missed out? You can of course practice train the trainer, but with any live training, there are inconsistencies in the way information is delivered. Lastly, site visits are simply quite costly.

A Better Approach to Franchisee Training

There is a better way. You can reduce the number of site visits, save time and money while fortifying your brand ambassadors with access to the information and tools that they need to support your franchise brand. A franchise LMS enables your franchise to deliver a consistent training experience across every franchised location. Employees can access the system at any time to view their training, as often as they’d like, or when it’s needed the most. Training is managed centrally and can be updated and distributed quickly, so when products change or new promotions are about to start, all of your franchise locations can be notified and brought up to speed all at once. Best of all, cutting back on the time spent on site visits will save franchisors money. These are just a few of the benefits franchises can expect transitioning to a franchise LMS.

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

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