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Fast Track Your Employee Training Programs!

October 16 2014 | (0) Comments


200536022-001HR and training professionals alike understand this simple equation; if you want to optimize your business’ performance then you need to optimize the performance of your team.   Every person in your organization, whether they’re on the front lines selling, servicing your clients, or are in the back office supporting your infrastructure have something in common, they all need the learning resources and tools to perform their work to the best of their ability.

If your organization has limited resources devoted to your training department, then analyzing and identifying your organizational developmental requirements could be quite daunting.   Perhaps you would benefit by following in the footsteps of larger business entities.   What’s their secret to success?   Fast-tracking their employee training programs!

Many larger enterprises have identified specific learning paths that should be consistent throughout their entire organization.   Leadership and management development, risk, safety and compliance programs, software training, even new hire orientation programs, for example, can be effective, optimized and standardized across the organization.  Additionally, these types of programs can make up nearly 80% of your employee training!

What does this type of “fast-tracking” leave you with?   Much more time to analyze and fine-tune the other 20% of your employee training programs to meet the diverse needs of your organization.   With more time spent fine tuning, you can develop learning programs that are in the context of meeting your business’ unique requirements.   It then becomes easier to develop performance metrics to ensure that your training initiatives are meeting the mark.   Not only will you be developing programs that enrich your employees’ careers, you’ll undoubtedly contribute to improving your business’ overall performance!

Susan Distasio | Marketing SME | ePath Learning, Inc.