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Do More with Less = Employee Empowerment Opportunity

December 19 2014 | (0) Comments


Employee Empowerment

Most companies these days are asking their staff to do more with less, for example, less people, less “new” equipment and of course less money!   So how is it possible that you can achieve all your corporate goals and objectives when you never seem to have enough of what you need?   That’s easy enough to answer – it’s called employee empowerment.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the greatest asset for any business is how they empower their people and more effective employee empowerment typically equals more productive work.   More productivity can lead to greater sales, satisfied customers, faster turn-around times, you know, some of the more common corporate goals and objectives that you’re asked to meet.

A great way to empower employees is through employee development programs.  That means investing in training and skills development so that your employees have the confidence in their abilities, and the drive to succeed.

Blended learning is a popular approach for employee development programs.   Blended learning combines online courses and content with instructor-led training sessions and informal learning.   Blended learning is most successful when it’s distributed through a Learning Management System (LMS).  An LMS provides you with a centralized database to store all of your training materials and instructor-led training schedules.     The LMS can further support your initiatives with comprehensive document storage for reference materials and with social networking capabilities that encourages online collaborative learning.   The social networking forum allows employees to share ideas throughout the organization, with no geographic boundaries, helping to drive innovation while expanding employee expertise.

By implementing an LMS to oversee your employee development program, each employee can manage their own learning in a dynamic and engaging environment, thus playing a more proactive role in their own development while driving the goals and objectives of your organization.   Now that’s employee empowerment!

Susan Distasio | Marketing SME | ePath Learning, Inc.