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eLearning Course Development – What’s The Right Tool for the Job?

September 26 2019 | (1) Comment

Before beginning any home improvement project, you should make sure that you have the proper tools and materials to complete the job. You won’t get far using a flat head (or slotted) screwdriver when you really need a Phillips screwdriver.

The same goes for your eLearning course development. You should begin every project by checking needs and requirements and making sure that you use the correct development tool.

Rise vs. Storyline 360 Articulate 360 logo

Articulate 360 offers a bundle of eLearning development tools, including two authoring tools: Storyline 360 and Rise. While both of these tools can be used to create interactive eLearning courses, they each have their own features and limitations.

You may be wondering, “How do I pick the right tool for my project?” Let’s break it down.

Rise vs. SL360 comparison

In summary, Rise is ideal for quickly creating responsive courseware within the constraints of the templates available. Storyline 360 is the king of customization and allows you to build just about anything you can imagine. Let’s look at situations when you might use each tool:

Rise vs SL360 situational comparison

Click each image below to view an example of how we built the same content in both Rise and Storyline 360. Note the similarities and differences in function and formatting.

Rise Demo

Rise demo

Storyline Demo

Storyline Demo

Finally, let’s look at a couple of scenarios and determine which tool might be best suited for each situation.

Rise vs Storyline examples


The best of both worlds…

Still can’t decide which tool to use? Good news. They CAN be used together. For example, you can build a custom interaction in Storyline 360 and embed it in your Rise course via the Storyline Block. Voila! Rapid development meets custom interactivity.

If you need more help choosing between Storyline 360 and Rise, or if you’d like some help with course development, ePath Learning’s Pro Services team can help! We can work with you to select the best tool for your content and create a course that meets YOUR specific needs.

Kris Castiaux Instructional DesignerKris Castiaux | Learning Environment Concierge | ePath Learning, Inc.

About the Author: Kris Castiaux is a Learning Environment Concierge (instructional designer) focused on creating impactful and effective learning experiences and environments. She’s always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage learners within the budget and technical constraints of the project. When she has a few days off, you may find Kris and her husband cruising the Caribbean or the Las Vegas strip!