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Construction LMSs: The Ultimate Foundation to Attract, Recruit and Retain Employees

October 29 2018 | (0) Comments


The construction industry is booming and experts expect the growth to continue. However, there is a massive skilled labor shortage in the construction industry. With this, the competition to hire and retain construction employees has grown fierce. So much depends on a company’s ability to attract, recruit and retain talented people. Offering potential employees a career in construction can be the key to gaining a competitive edge over other companies vying for the same potential employees. You need to convince prospective employees that your company offers great opportunities with the promise that their job will lead to a fantastic career.

How can you back these claims? Knowing that most employees want a career path, there’s no better time than the present to revisit your organization’s current job structure with the goal of identifying achievable career paths. Once identified, you can then work towards developing comprehensive employee development programs that align with those career paths.

Employee development is almost universally recognized as a strategic tool for a company’s growth, productivity, and ability to retain valuable employees. In the construction industry, an employee development program that includes ongoing training and education, with courses in team building, computers, supervision, leadership, safety, and technical skills, to name but a few, can help you to attract, develop, and grow a valuable pool of employees.

If the thought of developing and launching an employee development program sounds daunting, it need not be. A construction LMS can help. A construction LMS is a powerful tool that enables companies to automate and manage their employee development programs online. Using a learning management system, it’s easy to develop cohesive learning experiences that improve skills gaps, encourages employee engagement, enables talent mobility, and grows leaders at all levels of your organization.

Powerful LMS automation features easily streamline your system administration and workflows. You can quickly assign user roles, specific learning paths, and course enrollments to your employees. Empower them to be successful and encourage growth and development by giving them access to search your course catalog for key documents at the time of need. As you can see, with LMS technology it’s now easier than ever before for you to create and deliver employee development programs that support your company’s enticing career opportunities.

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

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