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Complement Your Employee Training with Performance Support

August 04 2014 | (0) Comments

When planning your employee training initiatives do you include the development of performance support tools in your training mix? Not eLearning or online courses, but the tools or the job aids that will help your employees to work smarter, not harder. These tools support your employee training and help your employees to access additional relevant information, solve problems and complete their tasks or processes more effectively and efficiently.

According to the Masie Center, performance support is any learning modality, resource, or asset that is accessible and applicable to the moment of need. Generally these tools are developed to be shorter in duration than a full online course; in fact, they could be as simple as a pdf document, a checklist, or even a video demonstration.

Where you might ask, is the best place to store these types of performance support tools? In your learning management system (LMS) of course! It makes perfect sense that you would use the same platform that you manage your training initiatives with to provide your performance support content doesn’t it? Content can easily be stored, searched for and even shared and discussed if your LMS comes equipped with enterprise social networking functionality.

452416727   To ensure success, performance support tools should be relevant, easily identifiable, and accessible at the time of need. Additionally, they should be made available from a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones – because quite often the time of need arises when your employees are outside of the office!

Reinforcing your employee training through performance support tools is a win-win. These tools assist your employees’ performance, which in turn helps to bring your organization that much closer to achieving its overall performance goals.

Susan Distasio | Marketing SME | ePath Learning, Inc.