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Choosing an LMS? Here are a Few Things to Consider…

July 18 2014 | (0) Comments

Are you looking to choose an LMS? Choosing an LMS can be really daunting at best.   There are so many platforms out there, so how do you know which one is best for your company?   The simple answer is – it’s the one that meets your most important needsbut you knew that already right?  Here are just a few additional items to consider, that are sometimes overlooked, when choosing an LMS.

Look Ahead!

Look down the road 5-10 years from now.   What does your employee base look like?   Are they Baby Boomers, Generation X’s, or Millenials?   Guess what – it makes a difference.   You should always consider your employees’ expectations when considering an LMS.   Is it mobile ready?   Does it have social collaboration tools?   Is it easily searchable?   Elements such as these have varying levels of importance to your users so don’t forget to consider them.

How Will the LMS Transform Your Business?

Think about how the LMS will help to drive innovation, creativity and agility within your business.   Focus on the benefits of social collaboration, informal learning, and how the LMS can help to maximize these learning opportunities so that your business is prepared to make rapid changes within your competitive marketplace.

 It’s All About the Support

Of course you are looking into support – that’s not something that you wouldn’t consider.   But let’s look at it from this perspective, you’ve got enough to deal with don’t you?   Why should you not get the attention that you deserve from your LMS partner?   Time and time and time again you hear training professionals talking about their LMS and the first thing out of their mouths (apart from the fact that they usually “hate their LMS”) is “Our LMS vendor’s service stinks!”   Don’t be afraid to look for solid and legitimate proof from any LMS vendor that you’re considering about how their support service really is.   Ask for references, search the social media to see if anything negative comes up – it’s worth it to do your due diligence (rather than just considering it as a check box) because let’s face it, there’s quite a bit riding on your decision, isn’t there?

It’s not an easy task, but in the end if you consider some of the “not so apparent considerations” when choosing you LMS, you’ll be thankful in the long run!

Susan Distasio | Marketing SME | ePath Learning, Inc.