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Considering Outsourcing Online Learning Courses Using Off-the-Shelf Content?

August 15 2019 | (0) Comments

Effective online training and development programs look to transfer knowledge and skills to employees, customer, and partners; however, there are various ways that companies choose...

Top Five LMS Administrator Best Practice Tips for Implementing an LMS

August 07 2019 | (0) Comments

If you’re an LMS administrator that’s implementing an LMS for the first time, this blog post is for you. Even if you’re a seasoned LMS...

What is Spaced Learning?

August 01 2019 | (0) Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything we taught our learners stayed with them forever? Wishful thinking! The reality is that learners naturally forget over time....

Retail Training in the Age of Modern Branding and Customer Experience

July 24 2019 | (0) Comments

Brick and mortar retailers are faced with tremendous challenges these days given an increased focus on modern branding and enhanced customer experience. In fact, according...

Is Training Part of Your Customer Experience Strategy?

July 16 2019 | (0) Comments

Any company working in a service-oriented industry has accepted the fact that customer experience is a big deal, huge in fact. Gone are the days...