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Migrating from Flash to HTML5 – Part 1

November 27 2019 | (0) Comments

The Adobe Flash Player is going away at the end of 2020. That means that your Flash-based courses will fail to play on web browsers,...

Why Become an ePath Learning Channel Partner?

November 20 2019 | (0) Comments

Anyone that follows the Learning Tech Blog knows that our posts are typically informative and focused on interesting topics in learning and development. This blog...

Critical Requirements of a Cloud-based, Validated Learning Management System

November 12 2019 | (0) Comments

Organizations in regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, and life sciences endure stringent compliance requirements. For these organizations, implementing a cloud-based, validated learning management...

6 Key Questions to Consider When Building a Custom Learning Solution

November 04 2019 | (0) Comments

It’s time to update your compliance training. You’ve looked at some off-the-shelf eLearning courses, but they don’t mirror your organization’s values and expectations. So, you’ve...

Key Considerations for Upskilling Your Employees

October 17 2019 | (1) Comment

We’ve entered into an era whereby digital technology threatens to disrupt the way in which our organizations traditionally have conducted business. What once offered us...