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Associations Can Drive Membership Value Using an LMS!

October 19 2016 | (1) Comment

451027867Associations today face more challenges and demands than ever before to deliver real value to their membership base.   Professional development and education are aspects of an association’s mission that can have positive effects on an association’s value proposition.

Thanks to so many advances in technology, a strong professional development and education strategy is no longer limited to instructor-led training and annual meetings.   Online education and performance support, virtual classrooms, social and mobile learning all continue to grow in breadth and popularity; and the advent of cloud-based learning management systems (LMS) makes it easier than ever before for associations to manage and deploy their professional development and education strategies with the goal of providing real value to their members.

Cloud-based learning management systems can automate your entire professional development process from content development and course registration through tracking purchases, course completions, certifications, and much, much more.   There are many benefits to implementing a cloud-based LMS including low start-up costs and minimal to virtually no onsite technical internal support requirements to name just a few.   Here are some additional advantages that cloud-based LMSs offer.

Ease of Access

Cloud-based LMSs offer ease of access to members and other association constituents.   With anytime, anywhere access through the internet, members can learn when and where they want.   Members can use any device to access courses and supplemental information including tablets, mobile phones, and any other internet-ready device.

Centralized Platform

Cloud-based LMSs provide a centralized learning platform that enables all training and professional development materials, resources, development curriculum, certificates, and test & assessment results to be stored within one location.   A centralized repository helps to ensure consistency in the modification, delivery and evaluation of all types of content.   Some cloud-based LMSs can also be used to manage live instructor-led training sessions or similar live events including scheduling the event, reserving event assets, registering attendees and sending out reminder notifications.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Cloud-based LMSs allow associations to collect and analyze learning data for a more comprehensive view of their membership’s performance development.

In addition to being able to report on member progress and learning outcomes, reporting and statistical analysis capabilities can highlight the success of individual courses, or illustrate where courses require improvement.   This helps to ensure that you’re developing impactful content that your membership truly understands and values.

Enhanced Collaboration

Many cloud-based LMSs come equipped with private and secure social networking capabilities.   These systems offer the ideal platform to increase group communications and transparency between employees, board members, and membership groups.

Fully Scalable

Whether you have 50 members or 50, 000 members, cloud-based LMSs are scalable to meet your association’s needs.   They easily keep pace with your association’s growth projections.

Associations can position their organizations for great success when they begin to fully understand and are willing to embrace the strategic benefits of implementing learning management technology!

Susan Distasio | eLearning Industry Crusader | ePath Learning, Inc.

SuzieD-4About the Author:  Susan Distasio is an eLearning Industry Crusader focused on advocating for advancement and change in the eLearning and professional development industry.  An avid seeker of knowledge and continuous improvement, Susan is happy to share her research, observations and thoughts regarding “all things related to learning and development.”  When she’s not out on the learning crusade, Susan can be found with the wind in her hair riding her Harley or simply enjoying life with her husband, Steve, and her Siamese cat, Elvis, and with family and friends.