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Accelerate Your Training Program Adoption Rates!

April 15 2014 | (0) Comments

You’ve implemented your LMS, your courses have been deployed, yet you have lack luster training program adoption rates.  What’s going on?   You’ve just invested in an awesome LMS.   You’ve got great course content.   You’ve worked hard to roll out your training programsso what gives?   Believe it or not, sometimes you just need to create a little hype to gain buy-in for training program adoption, and it’s not very difficult to do.   Here are some simple ideas to get your “hyped up marketing campaign” up and running!

 It’s What You Say

The first step in creating hype is to develop some key messaging around what you’re trying to achieve.   The messaging should resonate with your target audience (aka – learners, employees, etc.) while effectively communicating what it is that you want your audience to do.   For example; if you wanted to promote a selection of leadership courses your messaging might go something like this; “Ready to bring your management skills to the next level?   Check out our new Leading Your Team to Victory course selections today!”   Ideally you’ll come up with several messages, all based on the same theme.

Now that you’ve got your key messages developed, your next step is to communicate them.   You want to identify some simple ways to get your messages across to your target audienceoften.   Yes, often.   The more you get your messages out there, the more receptive your audience will become – one and done won’t work here.

 And How You Communicate It!

What’s the best way to deliver your messaging?   There are so many options available these days, but the path of least resistance will be to use the channels that your organization currently has available – and we recommend a multi-channel approach.   Some communication channels are quite obvious like email or your corporate intranet, but perhaps the list below will provide you with some additional ideas!

  1.  Does your business use an internal social platform?   If so, then start those shout outs and favorite those messages to get them out there.
  2. Got email?   Email signature lines are a great way to subtly get your message across.   Just choose a message and request that your team update their signature to include your message.   You can invite key stakeholders to do the same so that your distribution channel grows.   Messages can be changed quickly, easily, and often.
  3. Is IT in charge of your organization’s screen savers?   Developing visually appealing corporate screensavers/wallpaper/signage generates awareness and reinforces your messaging without interrupting your staff.   It’s a great way to get your point across – it’s repetitive and subtle!
  4. Do you have an internal newsletter?   Newsletters are another channel to get your message across while effectively engaging your staff.   Not only would they help to get your messages out there, they’re also a great communication vehicle to promote your successes after-the-fact!
  5. Got blog?   Not only can you get your messaging out there but you’ll get feedback!   Blogs are collaborative in nature – you can post a message about the launch and employees can respond with questions, comments, or concerns.   You can respond in kind, and organically support your adoption process.   Another advantage to the blog.what a great way to develop additional launch collateral, such as an FAQ list – you can base it on your employees’ feedback.   Remember – if one person asks a question there are ten more employees that have the same question on their mind but might be afraid to ask it.
  6. Let’s “face” it – the face-to-face meeting allows you to engage your employees and get your message across while soliciting questions and feedback.   You can read your audience, they, and you, can ask open ended questions, and you can provide immediate answers, support, etc.

So what are you waiting for?   You’re more than ready to create some marketing hype around your training initiatives and watch those training program adoption rates grow.  Good luck!

Susan Distasio | Marketing SME | ePath Learning