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Overcoming Life Sciences Compliance Challenges – Part 2, What to Look for in a Life Sciences LMS

May 15 2017 | (0) Comments

Managing compliance training and employee development in a regulated environment is a difficult task. Compliance can be very fragmented. For example, a pharma company may...

Overcoming Life Sciences Compliance Challenges – Part 1

April 25 2017 | (0) Comments

The compliance challenges facing companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries continue to grow. Functioning in a fully compliant and ethical manner in the...

Online Training, a Great Solution for Franchises!

March 28 2017 | (1) Comment

Franchisors know that to maintain and enhance their brand’s value they need to provide ample operational training to their franchisees. Most franchisors offer new franchisees...

Top Secrets to Engaging Your Hourly Employees

February 09 2017 | (1) Comment

If you’re not up to date on the most recent hourly employee statistics, then prepare to be astounded (see infographic below). For instance, greater than...

Make 2017 the Year You Focus on Leadership Development!

January 17 2017 | (1) Comment

If your organization isn’t focusing on cultivating and nurturing its future leaders, perhaps it should. Demographics of leadership are rapidly changing and organizations need to...