LMS Client Support Services

Need LMS Client Support Services?

We’ve got you covered! You’ve always got help whenever you need it – and it’s included with your subscription pricing. We don’t have a User Forum where you need to find your own answers, just “Call Connie” – that’s our simple way of saying just call your very own Client Service Specialist and they’ll provide you with the LMS support services that you need – what could be easier?

We Told You – It’s All About You…Really!

Our client-centric support is unique in this industry; in fact our team becomes an extension of your team. We partner with you so that your priorities are our priorities. This ensures that we leverage our technology to best meet your needs. We even conduct periodic account reviews to ensure that our online learning technology and staff are performing to your expectations.  Our LMS support services are unparalleled in the industry!

Above and Beyond…

Do you need something above the norm? Maybe you need someone to act as your ASAP administrator or need help developing an adoption strategy? We can do that. Maybe you’re interested in the ultimate of our consultative services, that is, developing your organization’s “Strategic Training Roadmap.” We would be happy to oblige, just let us know.

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