Need Off the Shelf Content? Check Out Our Content Partners

If you’re looking for off the shelf content, ePath Learning has established partnerships with a variety of content partners. Moreover, we continue to diversify these offerings – so if you don’t see what you need, just ask us, we may have something in the works already!

As a strategic partner, volume discounts may apply to your course selections so remember to contact us directly for pricing or questions.

Current Content Partners


 The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed)

The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) is dedicated to providing training and support to individuals anywhere on the spectrum of providing care: from top leadership, through their EasyCEU continuing education courses (nationally accredited for Administrators of senior care communities), to Certification courses for individuals entering the profession; from ongoing staff training to family caregiver education and support.  Anywhere care giving is being provided you’ll find IPCed, training, supporting and encouraging quality care and leadership.  ePath Learning offers two comprehensive package options:  the IPCed’s Business Success Package and their Compliance Training  Package.  Contact us directly for additional options.  Click here to view the Business Success Package or the Compliance Training Package.


ej4’s off-the-shelf eLearning is more than a video learning library. Ej4 offers a collection of proven solutions that are built with instructional design specific for eLearning in today’s multi-platform mobile workforce. The current and future business environment demands tools that are quick, strategic, and accessible on all devices. We provide your company with an immediate solution that employees can use to get the information they need while being back to work in 10 minutes or less.  Click here to view the ej4 Course Catalog.


MindEdge offers educational solutions for professional development in corporations and organizations.  Among popular programs are MindEdge’s online project management, management, communication, and business skill courses designed to improve job performance.  MindEdge’s engaging courses draw from the best business school faculty and real-world practitioners to offer a unique blend of theory and real-world application.  Click here to be redirected to MindEdge’s website for their course catalog.

New Haven Consulting Group

NHCG Inc. has developed a comprehensive set of field proven, model tested, highly effective training programs, one of which is Preventing Sexual Harassment, a comprehensive online workshop through the NHCG University.  NHCG’s online workshops meet all federal and state requirements for training.  All of the training is carefully reviewed by legal and instructional design experts. Updates are made as the laws change to ensure timely and accurate information is provided.  Click here to be redirected to NHCG’s website for up to date information regarding their workshops.

Pure Safety

Pure Safety provides online workplace health and safety training delivered by UL, a trusted name in safety. Pure Safety provides content for a multitude of industries ranging from Construction and Healthcare to Insurance and Trade Associations. Click here to be redirected to Pure Safety’s website for up to date information regarding their course offerings.

The Improved Performance Group

Improved Performance Group (IPG) provides customized sales training, leadership training and pre-/post-sales support and development to companies around the world. IPG was founded by noted sales expert Jonathan London in 1994. Since then, the company trained more than 16,000 people in 23 countries. The company is known for enhancing sales for a wide range of technology companies including companies that use technology to sell their digital solutions. Click here to be redirected to IPG’s website for detailed information regarding their customized training options.


Vado offers learning content for Individual Contributors, Front Line Leaders, and Business Leaders. All of Vado’s courses are optimized for the Mobile Learner. Vado’s approach to training is to provide brief instruction in video format along with written materials that are applied during real-life situations, not made-up mock events. Click here to view Vado’s Course Catalog.